What’s calling you?
Feel it.

Think Small

Considering the amount of time we spend asking advice from a friend, family member, expert – or Google – it is sometimes funny how eager we are to ignore ourselves: our inner wisdom, intuition, that which we already know.

There is nothing wrong in pondering things with someone else, but as no one can really ever know what is going on with us and inside us, they cannot give us precise advice on what to do.

Instead, they can tell us what they would do in a similar situation. But that is totally different. After all, their ambitions and dreams are not ours.

I went to an aromatherapy massage and was asked to choose the oil blend for it. Asking the benefits of each blend, the therapist refused to tell me.

“Your body is wiser than your mind”, she said. “Choose with your nose. What calls you is what you need right now.”

Instead of detoxing (that the efficient side of me would have chosen) I needed deep relaxing (go figure).

What calls you is what you need right now.

Don’t you just love the idea of reading books that call you, over the ones that should be read. Studying subjects that call you. Planning trips to places that call you.

Walking with your eyes open and choosing a different route than usual, because you feel like it.

Choosing vegetables that look simply irresistible, although you don’t have the slightest idea on how to cook them, yet.

Spending more time with people who are really inspiring to be around. Less time with people who, at least at this point in your life, you have no real connection with.

So often we have a big plan for ourselves, and we believe all kinds of things about realising that plan. For most people, the bigger plan is to

be/get healthy and goodlooking,
be/get rich, and to
have/get love, that is, a partner.

So simple.

Putting life on hold until that plan is fully realised means putting life on hold forever, because the plan is never fully realised.

It keeps evolving. There is always something you want but do not yet have. That’s what life and evolution is all about.

Instead of thinking big, I really enjoy the idea of thinking small.

Making this mundane moment count.

Not ignoring this mundane moment because it is not where you are eventually going to be in life.

If you can find satisfaction in resting your head on your beautiful pillow, in your comfortable bed, or taking a shower, letting a piece of chocolate melt on your tongue, breathing the salty air at the beach; if you can find satisfaction in daily life, doing ordinary things, you are invincible. In the bigger picture, there is nothing you cannot do, be or have.

The problem with us humans, though, is that often we think we can’t find that satisfaction (before that and that has happened) and therefore we won’t even try.

You are a fabulous creature but you spend your days thinking you should be and have something more. Such a waste.

Good life is calling you and running after you, right now.

Stop for a moment and give it a hug.