An interesting point about what we wear at home: the lovely garments are no less high-maintenance than the old rags.

It is also no huge investment to have a good sweater and a pair of comfortable pants set aside for lounging at home.

The biggest difference is in the mindset.

For me, the idea of presenting ourselves nicely when we go out and meet people, but dressing in ugly clothes when no one sees us, represents everything that is screwed up in our lives.

The idea of there being ‘us’ on one side and all the rest of the people on the other side, who all follow closely what we are doing and judge us in their minds... Or the thought that we have to be something more than we naturally are in order to receive approval and love.

And do not get me wrong, I too, care way too much what other people think about me. This is also something I really want to work with.

It is totally okay to walk around everywhere in your sweats with a dirty hair. There are moments in everyone’s life when that is the best we can do. Right?

But I think what’s even better, is to dress in your favorite clothes when home alone, and enjoy it.

Not because you deserve it (we all deserve all things good, there is no question about that) but because that’s who you are. An embodiment of beauty and wellbeing.

Feels nice, ha?

Always relevant: cashmere loungewear by Finnish label Arela.

Images courtesy of Arela; photography by Osma Harvilahti, prop styling by Linda Bergroth.