Pebbles gently polished and washed by the sea.
You will find sun loungers, umbrellas and pedal boats for rent on the paid part of the beach close to the entrance. Walking down towards the tip of the cape, the beach gets more rough and less crowded.
So good, every time.
Palm trees of Portonovo, June 2016.
Always on the menu: Spaghetti con i Moscioli. One portion is good for two.


For some beach life in the summer, my favorite destination is Portonovo, a little gem by the Adriatic Sea, a few kilometres south of Ancona. We have a beach closer to our house but this one is always worth the drive.

The former fishing port now serves as a seaside resort spot favored by the locals. The beach is covered with beautiful white pebbles and I have never left without one or two in my pocket.

I would go in the morning, have my dose of sun and the sea, and then eat in one of the fish restaurants, that is, in Da Emilia most often. We have taken the habit of ordering a few dishes to share.

Favorites include the squid salad (insalata di seppie), mussels (moscioli) and simple seafood pastas with a white sauce that has a proportionate amount of white wine, olive oil, and sea in its taste. Do not hesitate ordering outside the menu, that is the Italian way.