Kites over Porto San Giorgio, summer 2015.

On lightness

I believe the essence of good life can be found in the practice of feeling light.

Just like water falls downhill, not uphill, the option that requires least grit and effort is the most natural option, the one that is true to our hearts.

To feel light-hearted is to be free. To feel joyful. To feel at ease. To be mindful yet not fixed on anything.

Lightness feels like clarity. It feels pure and true to us because it is our natural state.




Whenever I am faced with a difficult situation, I find myself reducing weight on things. Finding better-feeling aspects.

The world does not have to be perfect for me to feel light. It is a practise of the mind. A decision to let go of the messy thoughts of the mind,

and rise

into lightness.

That is where all the answers to my questions are. That is where the solutions come, and the inspiration comes, and kindness lurks around every corner.

You can call it clarity, or lightness, many people call it love. The essence of all that exists, the stuff we all are made of, yet often buried under worries or thoughts of not being good enough, not having enough.

How do you know lightness is the essence of everything? Because when you let go of what is bothering you, that is what remains. Every time.

And the more time you spend with a light heart and a clear mind, the less you let things bother you. One day you notice you have become someone who is on a good mood most of the time, who wishes good things to other people, and for whom life is easy…

That is something a lazy mind will not master. That is why more and more people meditate.

But also, how deliciously disturbing is that. Not to settle for anything less than the highest state of easy.

Now that’s life. Light.