Running Out Of Love

In a way I am happy that The Radio Dept. does not release new albums too often.

The band only releases songs when they are ready to be released. If something feels undone, it is deliberately undone.

Most of the world got to know The Radio Dept. after Sofia Coppola chose a few of their songs to the soundtrack of her Marie Antoinette film. For a short introduction, I would say they are a Swedish indie pop band known for their dreamy melodies and soft, lo-fi sound.

The latest The Radio Dept. record, Running Out Of Love, was released on October 21st, as some type of protest record. It paints a picture – or fragments of a picture – about life in Sweden in 2016.

The album is about political, intellectual and moral regression in their country, as the band puts it in their statement.

“It’s an album about all the things that are moving in the wrong direction. [...] It’s about the impatience that turns into anger, hate and ultimately withdrawal and apathy when love for the world and our existence begins to falter.”

In other words, the album is about things that still need tweaking and improvement.

The album itself does not. We have been playing it on repeat at home for several days now and everyone loves it.

It is wild and calm and inspiring and adventurous. It sounds like The Radio Dept. and it sounds new.

The music goes well together with November rain as well as the feeling that something wonderful is about to happen…

Isn’t it, however, always darkest just before the dawn?