From May to September: cropped satin parka from Samuji SS16 collection. Image courtesy of Samuji.
The last time I wore these cream silk trousers was on Christmas Day in Helsinki. Soon they will be traveling with me to some place warm. Image courtesy of Samuji.

What remains

In one way or another, I have always worked with clothes.

That has lead into owning a lot of clothes, until the recent years, when reducing has been the operative word for wardrobe maintenance in my house.

The less you buy and own, the more weight each choice carries.

Another fairly new tendency I recognize is the seasonless mindset.

If there was a time when it was totally lame to wear last season, now I feel most comfortable wearing exactly that.

Last season, past seasons. Sometimes it takes me a year, or four, to begin wearing something I bought.

When a season has past, and stores are filled with new styles, those older styles do not belong there anymore.

Therefore, they feel less and less loud, more and more personal.

Instead of belonging to a particular designer or collection, they belong to me.