Welcome, September.
Dandelion single-origin chocolate bars are made with just cocoa beans and sugar.

For Rainy Weekends

After editing my wardrobe last weekend, I am all set for autumn in Helsinki with an easy access to abundant sweater piles. Cashmere, yak, alpaca and wool sweaters really come alive when you air them out, and their lovely natural scent gets recovered in the process.

Room to Dream takes a look at the personal and creative life of David Lynch. Written by David Lynch himself together with journalist Kristine McKenna, the books is a memoir and biography combined. I find Lynch’s straightforward, intimate, sometimes random reflections most inspiring:

“I love France because everything they do there is art. The buildings, the chairs, plates, glasses, railroads, cars, tools, food, drinks, fashion – everything is an art form, and they believe in good-quality materials and great craftsmanship and killer design. The Italians and the French both have this thing. The Italians are a little bit different, but the Italians do great stuff too. I like the hotel I stay in in Paris, and the people, and I like foie gras, and Bordeaux, and croque madame. I even like the coffee, although it’s not as good as David Lynch Signature Cup. It has a certain taste that makes me feel like I’m in France, though, so I love it.”

Dandelion chocolate.