Apples ripening in Italy, August 2018.


The easiest way to improve the taste of your food: know where it comes from. This summer, we found a new farmer’s market close to where we live in Italy.

What we did not grow at home, we would buy from Roberto. No need for standards or certificates. You know when a carrot or peach is alive and you taste if it was grown in clean soil.

The thing that all humans crave for – and what’s greatly missing from today’s culture – is connection. Ultimately brands do not satisfy our needs. Everything feels more meaningful to us when we are connected to other people and nature, our roots and our true nature.

This extends far beyond buying food. We can re-evaluate the way we shop: buy locally made items, share and borrow more, have home items commissioned, and repair and make things ourselves.

This may sound old-fashioned but it also connects us to other people and our environment in a way that feels much more meaningful and satisfying that the one-click purchase process online.