South of Italy, June 2017.
When the sun becomes too much to bare, you take a nap inside. Locals keep their shutters closed until it is dark.
Entering the gardens of Masseria Potenti, June 2017.

Summertime in Italy

Like a school year with semesters and a good break in between, our life is divided roughly in two: the time we spend in Italy, and the time we do not spend in Italy.

Long before the first signs of spring, we begin planning little trips for summer, that officially begins when we arrive in our summer home in early June.

The warmth and freedom of summer is pleasurable anywhere. In Italy, it is pleasurable plus.

Things to love:

Pebble beaches
Smooth waves
Garden salads and herbs
Saturn peaches
Eating all meals outdoors
Eating from a tree
Learning to cook with vegetables you did not know existed
Working outdoors
Idling in the sun
Dipping in pool
Idling in the sun again
The sound of sudden rain
Quick quick quick, carry all books and towels in
Roadside poppies
Huge aloe vera plants
Gosh, it’s hot
Eating fruit, cooled and chopped
Ordering one tiramisu for four and enjoying those two spoonfuls four times more than a full dessert
Cooking together
Sweating together
On the hottest nights, cool towels to wipe your face and chest with
The sound of crickets
The sound of birds
Dressing up for dinner
Driving home in the dark
Stars shining bright, and