Clearing up the living room in Helsinki, September 2017.
Hilma, September 2017.

Freshen up

Turndown service is something I really like in hotel life, especially when you get the white linen mat beside your bed. It celebrates an act so simple as crawling in bed.

At home, especially when I spent the day working at home, I like to do a similar, quick ritual before evening.

Meaning, I spend some twenty minutes opening and sorting mail, returning books and magazines back to the shelf, opening a window for some fresh air, lighting a candle in the hall, and putting used clothes and shoes – and dishes and towels and whatever it is we have sailing around – back to where it belongs.

In a home that houses real life, people and pets come and go and play around, things get messy and that is awesome.

But I also like visual harmony.

Not only is it easier to be at peace when you do not see unfinished chores all around you, the time you spend organizing your surroundings serves as a parting ritual between work and downtime.

Twenty minutes makes all the difference. After that it is easy to let go of being productive, and simply focus on being there for the people you love.