Kate Moss in crisp white photographed by Christoph Martin Schmid in 1992. Image found via Pinterest.


Two style staples I would never give up (and there is only two): an iron and a lint roller.

Everything looks better when it is pressed or steamed. Everything.

Every knit and dress and t-shirt, even jeans. I do not iron my underwear though.

I believe all clothes – especially those in pure white, or in a dark color such as navy or black – restore their elegance when you first handle them with a lint roller and then press or steam them, in this order.

The colors are pure again, the fabric drapes and flows better, the piece is alive and groomed. Even if (and when) your clothes get some wrinkles during the day, their overall air will remain structured and sharp. So will your mood.

I am not too interested in how style affects our status but this I know.

If you are after a prosperous, abundant energy style-wise, way more than your handbag, these are the things that matter:

How you stand and walk
How you talk to other people
How you talk to people who, in some hierarchy, are below you
Neat nails, makeup and hair
Neat and meaningful clothes, meaning that what you wear looks intentional, not an accident
How you smell
How you feel