Six Senses

So I went to Vietnam and it was heaven.

After three winters without a resort vacation, we decided already last August, that come February, we would be off to someplace green, warm and beautiful.

Finding the destination was another thing. It seems that especially families book their stays really early.

After tweaking our travel dates, we managed to get a family villa at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay.

The resort is built in a crescent-shaped bay that can be accessed by boat only.

Arriving from the sea, you have to come pretty close to the shore until you recognize any buildings. Most of the houses are completely hidden behind vegetation.

Besides warm, fresh air, the first thing you notice is the peace.

You are in a jungle. And while it is not quiet in the jungle, just like it is not quiet in the woods, most sounds are produced by nature so they feel soothing. Harmonious. Our brain does not consider them noise.

Instead of traffic, you hear the sea, and the wind, and the birds, and the sounds of all kinds of creepers.

The air feels good to breath in deeply. It is conveniently humid and warm and gives your skin a nice glow.

We stayed in a secluded hill top villa and spent our time on the resort mostly relaxing, reading, swimming in the sea, going to the spa and enjoying unhurried wholesome meals.

We also tried (eco-conscious) snorkeling and saw some amazing corals, exotic fish, sea stars and other creatures of the ocean, and made a little bit of sightseeing in the form of sup boarding.

Staying at Six Senses is not quite like being alone on a paradise island but it gives you a strong sense of serenity. There are no visitors and there is nowhere to go to other than the sea or the jungle. The world feels far away.

You spend most of the time outdoors, and when inside, you are still so much closer to nature than in a city. The wood and palm leaf structures of the villa allows the building to breathe. You are aware of the nature around you and the shelter your house provides.

This was the biggest luxury of the vacation. Being so close to nature. Waking up with the sun, spending the day by the water, going to bed early, sleeping well, only to wake up refreshed in the morning and repeat.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay
Ninh Van Bay
Nha Trang
Viet Nam