Nayyirah Waheed’s poems are brilliant.

I think the most important skill for writing well is to be able to think well.

And this is what you will find on Waheed’s book Salt. Often minimal use of words, combined with a maximal use of creative thought.

In a poem format, Waheed writes about making sense of life, and love.

She also writes about the color of her skin – a thing that so many of us grew up thinking a couple of times per year max. That is, when we laid in sun willing to make it darker.

And yet, all human beings are to some extent concerned about their position in the world.

We all worry if we are handsome enough, beautiful enough, lovable enough, smart enough, brave enough, hard-working enough, special enough to create the life we want to lead, and find the partner we want to share it with.

So I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from a little bit of Salt.

If you want to, start here...