Spread along the sidewalk, Settembrini has several different type of cozy nests and seats outside. On a warm summer night, the street is filled with happy diners.
Morning stop in Settembrini.
The lush entrance of Per Me. The interior of the restaurant is dark and minimalistic.

Tasting Rome

It will be challenging to find bad cooking in Italy. Regardless of the social status, most Italians love food, talk about food, and know about food, even those who do not cook at home.

So choosing a restaurant in Rome, for me at least, has more to do with choosing the area and the people you want to dine with than with trying to simply find something to eat.

A few nice ones I keep going back to.

A short walk from Villa Laetitia, I might stop by for morning coffee, full breakfast, late dinner, and anything in between. Even if you have not booked a table, and the dining rooms are full, you can usually find a spot somewhere. One of the nicest meals in Settembrini this summer was a light dinner – just some bread, mozzarella, cold cuts and a green salad – that we ate outside late after a concert one night.
Via Luigi Settembrini, 21

The family-run company started as a bakery but has evolved into a restaurant, deli and foodie destination. The restaurant space is spread over two floors. If possible, I request a table upstairs. We often go for lunch and order a selection of cheese, meat, bread, salads and lambrusco to share.
Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22

Located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Monteverde Vecchio, the casual bistro welcomes walk-ins from midday until midnight. Litro is focused on natural and organic wines, and simple cooking. The menu changes daily yet the same dishes are served throughout the day, for lunch and dinner. If you are at all interested, try a natural wine. They have a great selection here and the staff is always willing to help you with your order.
Via Fratelli Bonnet, 5

Per Me
The Italian cuisine meets the Japanese in this great restaurant that is a bit more formal than the three above. Opened in October 2015, Per Me is focused on pure tastes designed and prepared with vision. Along with tasting menus and à la carte dishes, there is a selection of tappi, delicious tapas style bites, that we started our meal with. Everything we had was not just delicious but intriguing. This is the type of meal that you want to share with someone who likes talking about food and really experiencing the sensation of every new taste.
Vicolo del Malpasso, 9

+ Porto Fluviale
If you are interested in comparing Pizza Romana (the one with thin cripsty crust) with Pizza Napoletane (the original pizza born in Naples that has a soft crust with thicker edges), try Porto Fluviale. They serve both, made in wood-fired oven, of course. The large restaurant has a lively atmosphere and a diverse crowd, and it is located close to Eataly. So if you want to, you can continue your Italian culinary journey there, and buy some ingredients to take home.
Via del Porto Fluviale, 22