Staring at the sea while showering outdoors in Vietnam, February 2017.

Outdoor shower

I love showering outdoors. The luxuries of modern life meet something basic and primitive.

When the air is hot, you enjoy the coolness of the water. And on a colder day, the warm water soothes and protects you, while you feel the fresh cool air in your lungs.

We have been planning an outdoor shower for our garden in Italy for some time now but the renovation got delayed because of earthquakes we had last fall.

So, there’s going to be one more summer without it, which may be good, because we still have not decided the final location.

Just last weekend, we spent a good while walking around the property, stopping on some cozy nook or corner and imagining ourselves showering there. You want the great view, but you also want privacy, and you want the plumbing work make sense.

For some reason, I always wash my hair when I take an imaginary shower. So my hair was immaculately clean when it was time to head back to Helsinki.