Through living our daily life, we create delicious new dreams every day.

Some of them are tiny, preference is maybe a better word than dream. And some of them are big.

When we experience something unwanted, we gain a clearer understanding of what we do want.

This is how life evolves all the time – and not just for us humans but all species on this planet.

We work in a job, we like some of it and do not like some of it, and living this experience we know better than before to which direction we would like to take our career. That is, if anything was possible.

Btw, it is.

We are in a relationship and we enjoy some elements of it but then there are these things that we would like to improve. Thanks to this experience, we have deeper understanding of our dream relationship. That is, if only someone so fine would exist...

Btw, they do.

We do not always recognize the possibility to move ahead with the new information and with a new mindset right away, because we are too busy analyzing and feeling sorry for the situation that gave us the tools to grow.

But the change is real and within us. Our life has caused us to grow and we can no longer feel satisfied if we do not allow ourselves to go with that growth.

To keep up with the dreams we have created, to really start living them, we sometimes have to let go of things – ideas, thoughts, responsibilities, physical things – that no longer serve us.

This does not mean quitting your job today and ending most of your close relationships if there are elements in them that are less than perfect. Those elements simply mean there is room for growth in all things, always.

When pondering what is outdated in our life, a good way to start is often simply noticing that we want more clarity.

Another great way to start is concrete cleaning – cleaning your desk, fridge, closets, garage, wherever it is you keep that stuff that does not feel relevant anymore.

While cleaning your surroundings, your minds get clarified. You start feeling more alive. You start getting ideas.

Moving on with the mental and physical decluttering process we are often surprised how much we are ready to let go. Most of us are carrying with us material things, habits and responsibilities that no longer support our happiness and wellbeing.

Springtime is a fantastic cleaning time.

Less of that which feels tiring and uninspiring. More of that which feels pure and makes your heart sing.