The Apartment in New York

As rich and beautiful the place is in pictures, I prefer a physical visit.

Since The Apartment by the Line opened in New York just two years ago, it has become a must-visit destination for anyone interested in fashion, or the new direction of the luxury industry.

Just like The Apartment in Los Angeles, that opened last fall, The Apartment in SoHo presents all collections by The Line in a setting of a home, a very fancy home, that is, an airy loft in SoHo.

Find the elevator on 76 Greene Street, and let it take you up. When the doors open, you are faced with so many objects of beauty that you could spend a whole day there and not have enough time to absorb it all.

Visiting last month, one of my favorite details in the store was the knitted, thick rug in the fitting room – what a charming and elegantly primal thing to stand on with bare feet!

I forgot to ask what the material was (washed hemp, maybe?) but I look forward to finding something similar to my dressing area at home. An aesthetically slight detail yet it makes all the difference in daily life.

Take a virtual tour in The Apartment here and browse the featured collections here.

The Apartment by The Line
76 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012