The style that never ages. Image via @simplycitycity on Instagram.

On style

If I had to limit my style inspiration to one source, I would choose the @simplicitycity account by Nicole Rice on Instagram. She shares a curated selection of archive editorials, fashion ads, candid photos and movie stills that are as much about a certain feeling and attitude as clothes.

The feed is the closest thing to what 'style' meant to me when I grew up with my stack of fashion and street style magazines. Especially the images from the 1980's and 90's feel somehow much more inspired and less serious than most of the fashion visuals of today.

And the best thing is that you already have all the clothes you need in your closet! Just keep rotating those simple sweaters and trousers, button-up shirts, loafers, trenches and peacoats, and hold your head high.

Browse the feed here.⠀