The Darkest Days

I look forward to:

Decorating the tree
Making the beds
Sweating in sauna
Peeling and eating clementines
Enjoying the scent that lingers in the air long afterwards...
Making more chocolate truffles
Warming up mulled wine
Hot apple cider
Reading in bed
In Italy, roasting chestnuts
Smelling the air outdoors, anywhere (it smells like smoke and roasted chestnuts)
Seeing the mountains wearing snowcaps
Sitting in the sun
Reading in the sun
Daydreaming in the sun
Watching rosemary bloom (while most plants are asleep)
Cin cin, and the the first sip of Lambrusco
Walking on the beach
Eating raw fish
Sharing a pizza
Sharing a tiramisu
Lighting the fireplace when it gets dark
And lots of candles
Finishing a book, beginning the next one
Wandering around the garden and feeling gratitude
Not because I am such a good person but because it feels so good to be grateful