If you do not have energy to move, put your legs up the wall and rest for ten minutes. Gravity will get stagnant fluids flowing while you can simply relax. This pose also boosts digestion.

Energy Boost

Low-impact exercise is often viewed kind of meaningless, while triathlon training and sweaty workouts are the real thing. Yet, what your body often needs the most is movement that simply opens up what is stuck and boosts your inner flow – not extreme workouts that leave you even more tired and stuck than before.

My relationship with exercise changed when I let go of my all or nothing mindset. Ten minutes of moving your body is plenty, and far better than zero minutes, especially when you commit to doing it every day.

I love the short yoga videos by Tara Stiles on Youtube. I often follow them to activate my body and get access to all the vitality and energy I know I have – it’s just not available to me if I have ignored my body by staying on the effective get-things-done mode for too long.

When writing, I try to get up every once in an hour or so, drink water, stretch my body, maybe do some squats. Sounds funny and looks funnier, but it works. I also love walking in fresh air, I do it every day. It is mind-clearing and mood-boosting and it gently stimulates the metabolism and the flow of lymph.

I believe everything changes when you begin moving your body because it feels so good to move it, as opposed to moving your body because you feel like you are a good person after you’ve done it.

Where to start? Get out of that mental armor, loosen up, and simply feel how your body wants to move.