A good ottoman is a flexible way to extend sofas and easy chairs. This one comes from Gervasoni.
Moving objects around in order to find a spring palette for the home.


A sofa, big and comfortable enough to seat many, inspires informal entertaining. Lounging.

Tiny furniture just cannot do the same. After all, there is no way you can collapse on a light stool. You collapse on your bed, or sofa.

The purpose of big fat furniture is not to make us idle all day every day, but to create a feeling of comfort.

Have you ever thought that it is their inner wisdom and natural instinct for small children not to sit straight and still at the table for long periods of time? Instead, they are happy moving, lounging, playing, often on the floor even.

Maybe we would be too.

The Gervasoni Ghost sofa in our living room is 130 cm (51 inches) deep so it comfortably sleeps two.

What we use it mostly though, is curling up, lounging, working, eating, reading, writing, watching Netflix, watching out the window, daydreaming, having conversations, scratching dogs, changing diapers to babies who visit, and so on.

To make yourself – and those who visit – feel instantly at ease:

serve them something simple to drink or eat, and

have a place where they can comfortably sit down and relax.