Concetto spaziale-Attese, 1961, by Lucio Fontana, photographed in La Galleria Nazionale in Rome, January 2017.
A white ensemble so beautifully framed with black and beige. Image from Céline Resort 2014 look book, courtesy of Céline.


White is for fresh starts. White cleanses and purifies. White also communicates emptiness – and emptiness can be perceived as limitless possibilities.

In the Nordic, because of the dark winter months, walls of the home are traditionally painted white because white reflects light. While black is total absorption, white is total reflection.

White is really attractive next to other neutrals – your skin, for example.

Painting your home completely in one shade of pure white would look really sterile (unless you had brilliant lighting), but white can be warm and inviting too, when you introduce different shades and use them in layers.

By making a room a white box with white walls and a white floor you will easily create an illusion of the furniture floating in the air.

I think a cozier way to create a ‘white’ space is to make the backdrop just a tiny bit darker – have a wooden floor, or use creams or greys on walls – to create a grounded, harmonious frame for you and your furniture to rest on.

And whatever the color palette, white is powerful when used in cleansing pops. Clean white bedlinen and other home textiles, white flowers and white candles give an instant facelift to a space.

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