With the turquoise sea in my mind already, spending a fun Friday night in Holiday Bar, Helsinki, May 2016.
Post-lunch tranquility on Capri, July 2016.
Boat trip from Ponza to Palmarola, June 2015.
Peeking down from the hills of Capri.


Turquoise color is cooling and refreshing.

A mix of blue and yellow, it sits between green and blue on the color scale.

Just like blue, turquoise radiates peace, calm and tranquility, but combined with the uplifting energy of yellow.

For me, turquoise is the color of the Mediterranean. On a clear sunny day, the sea is not blue (or it is, but only for a short period of time just before the sun sets).

Morning, day, afternoon, it is turquoise. Blue tinted with that uplifting, energizing splash of yellow.

Making my turquoise moodboard I could not help but start planning our summer travels.