Lights and colors in our room in Vigilius Mountain Resort, Italy, August 2016.
Nowhere in the world have I tasted such sweet organic strawberries as in Finland and in Sweden. It must be the mild climate and the nightless nights...
Kate in red. Photograph taken by and courtesy of Juergen Teller.


Vibrant and powerful, red is the longest wavelength of colors.

Considered a color of love, passion and danger, it affects us physically and emotionally.

Red stimulates us. It raises the metabolic rate and the heart rate. It makes us feel warm and alive.

In Chinese culture, red is a symbol of luck and prosperity.

Infuse red in your surrounding whenever you feel you would benefit from its boost and power. Try red toenails, flowers, fruit, home accessories and textiles, art pieces, even furniture if you are up for it.

For ideas, take a look at my red moodboard, or create your own.