1. Moos. 3, 2014, by Heikki Marila. Photographed in Taidehalli, Helsinki, in June 2014.
Shades of purple in Céline Fall 2016 collection. Image courtesy of Céline.
Céline ballet flats in purple, the most comfortable shoes I own. Wearing them is like wearing no shoes.


Purple is the shortest wavelength of colors and the last visible wavelength before the ultraviolet (UV) ray. Considered a color of consciousness, purple calms the body and balances the mind.

For some reason, right now, I have nothing more relevant to write about purple than an Agnes Martin quote I just read in the magnificent book Agnes Martin – Paintings, Writings, Remembrances by Arne Glimcher when, tired of writing, I opened it on random to refresh my eyes and mind:

“Happiness is pervasive.
It is everywhere. And everywhere the same.
And it is forever.
When people are really happy they say: ‘This will last forever even after death’, and that is true.
When we are unhappy it is because something is covering our minds and we are not able to be aware of happiness. When the difficulty is past we find happiness again.
It is not that happiness is all around us. That is not it at all.
It is not this or that or in this or in that.
It is an abstract thing.
Happiness is unattached. Always the same. It does not appear and disappear. It is not sometimes more and sometimes less. It is our awareness of happiness that goes up and down.
Happiness is our real condition.
It is reality.
It is life.”

Oh Agnes, you are so wise.

Her words sound purple, right? The shortest visible wavelength, and close to the stuff we cannot see although it is there. Energy, vibration, whatever you want to call it.

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