Breathing the fresh air after rain in South Tyrol, Italy, June 2016.
Making salad in Italy last summer. Instead of having it as an appetizer, I like ending the meal with a simple green salad. As for dressing, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper never fails.
Hellebore by the bed.
Daria Werbowy and Adam Driver photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US September 2013 issue. Image courtesy of Vogue US.


Green is the color of vitality and growth.

It is the color of inspiration. It is the color of my herb garden and the olive grove.

It is the color of peony bushes and rose bushes and hydrangea bushes and dahlia bushes before and after they have bloomed. It is the color of our gigantic fig trees that produce so much fruit no one family could possibly be able to eat them all.

Green is the color of spring, I love that young brave green that appears first. Even the most urban environments are suddenly refreshed with spots of vitality when all the parks and boulevards come alive.

Green is the color of fresh air as our darling green plants do such a significant job producing oxygen. Green is the color of eating well, even on a busy day, making lemon pesto pasta, drinking matcha latte...

Green is life force and everything feels better if you have some every day – around you and on your plate.

Bring your home alive with flowers and houseplants, triple the amount of herbs and greens you use in cooking and, whenever you have the possibility, breath in the woods.

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