Real Jewelry

I have been into jewelry lately and studying different collections is interesting.

When the price difference between two almost identical pieces is a lot, you are easily tempted to go for the more affordable one…

Yet I have promised myself not to, and this is why.

Not everything is truly what it looks like.

Solid gold is solid gold, even though it may gain marks as it ages. But what many contemporary jewelry brands work with is coated metals.

Gold-coated silver, for example, is less pricey than gold and it looks like gold, but only for a little while. As the coating wears off, the metal often looks dull and cheap – unless it is possible to polish the piece into shiny solid silver.

After being disappointed with a jewelry purchase a couple of times, I would now rather buy an inexpensive solid brass or bronze item than gold-coated anything. Brass and bronze are both hard-wearing copper mixtures that age in a charming way and can be polished endlessly.

That said, there is nothing quite like precious metals and gemstones, especially when you are buying a piece for life – and maybe to pass on to the next generation.

My most precious piece of jewelry is a delicate diamond and platinum ring that I wear every day, and with that too, being cheap and choosing a less pricey metal would have come with its cost later.

As the goldsmith explained, no other metal than platinum is hard enough to hold the delicate structure in the long run.

As for ready-to-wear jewelry, I recently wrote about 1805, the magical line with beautifully crafted pieces.

Another permanent favorite of mine is Sophie Buhai, a LA based jewelry designer who works with silver mostly.

Her pieces are bold, feminine and elegant, and my only question is: if I allow myself to buy one piece, which one will it be?

Images courtesy of Sophie Buhai.

Learn more about the collection here.