The Hero II, 2001, by Marina Abramović.

The Hero

Born in Serbia and based in New York, Marina Abramović is a pioneering performance artist known for her physically and mentally demanding work that highlights viewer participation.

Like so many random things considering life, I first learned about Abramović’s art in Sex and the City.

In a Chelsea gallery, Carrie and Charlotte went to see a performance that featured a female artist not talking or eating for sixteen days. The performance seen in the show was actually a recreation of Abramović’s performance “The House with the Ocean View” that the artist had created as a tribute to New York City in 2002.

Pictured here is The Hero II by Marina Abramović. Created in 2001 and printed in 2008, the photograph is available at Sean Kelly Gallery.

Marina Abramović – The Cleaner is open in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen until October 22.