I cured my constant sugar cravings by keeping a simple promise to myself: eat three wholesome meals per day.
Touching and caring is fuel too. Both images photographed by Bruce Weber for Vogue UK May 1998 issue.

Fuel me

Eating well is no black and white business. What you choose for yourself eighty per cent of the time is much more important than any occasional deal.

And yet, under-eating is an stupid habit that seems to be especially popular among women. It stresses the body and often leads to overeating which stresses the body more still.

If you have a tendency to skip meals because you are saving for an extra treat or party feast in the evening, try turning this around.

Eat normally before the special occasion, enjoy the party, and adjust your course afterwards, if necessary.

When you mindfully and consistently keep your body hydrated and fueled, you support your inner flow and it is easy to choose good things for yourself. (Also easy to stop eating that cake when you have had enough.)

Come mealtime, you are hungry but not starving. After a meal, you feel satisfied but not full.

So much of the talk about food these days is explaining what we do not or should not eat, and why.

How about changing the focus towards what we can eat and want to eat and look forward to eating? That is where the pleasure and satisfaction is anyway. In real food.