My regular shampoo and detangler by John Masters Organics.
Palermo hair as seen in Crista Seya Edition #4 Look Book. Image courtesy of Crista Seya.
Now make me pretty...

First aid kit

I have let my hair grow longer which is great because I can finally wear a ballet bun.

But with seawater, pool water and sun, going after longer length has lead into having an accidental ombre ‘do with side effects: there is ten, fifteen centimeters of somewhat silky new hair, and the rest is like dry hay.

The sun-kissed golden color is nice, but…

Intensive mask for the ends, dry shampoo for the roots, was the DIY advice from my hair guru.

After quick research online, I decided to order the Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor by John Masters Organics. I use it as a conditioner, or mask, focusing on dry ends.

The product is designed to retain moisture and shine to damaged hair.

While I would be careful to use the word reconstructing unless there was clear proof of that, my hair was smoother and much less tangled already after first use.

You apply the product to clean, damp hair and leave on for five minutes or more. After a quick rinse with warm water, you finish off with cold water, which closes hair cuticles and seals in moisture.

Another way to correct the silky-roots-dry-ends imbalance is to prevent the roots from being too silky and shiny (and therefore flatter than the dry porous ends).

I have not found a better solution for this than the French dry shampoo Klorane. Made with oat milk, it is the perfect product to build just a little bit of body for fine hair that cannot handle most volumizing products.

Spray a little bit on clean, dry hair, focusing on the roots, and brush. Ta-da.

Maybe not perfect, but this is the best hair I can have, until it is time for my next salon visit.