Sunday morning bike ride.
Signature bedheads at Hotel SP34.

24h in Copenhagen

Hotel SP34 has a nice community feel and the location is great. The design touches feel uniquely Danish, pay attention to the lighting and open-flung windows, for example. This hotel is best for a short stay since even the larger rooms are quite small. But you sleep well and enjoy the abundant breakfast – other times you will be out and about anyway.

Get yourself a bike and ride to where you are going – just like the locals. Hotel SP34 has a good row of bikes that guests can use. As biking is popular, it is best to request them in advance.

Comfort and fine dining combined, 108 is a foodie heaven created by the Noma and chef Kristian Baumann. Instead of New Nordic they call it the Copenhagen cuisine, which I love. The atmosphere is warm and the food is real. Brilliant and creative but never too over the top. Opened last year, 108 already got its first Michelin-star. For more low key lunching or dining, Manfreds never fails.

Marina Abramović – The Cleaner is open in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen until October 22. There is always something good in Louisiana.

Rum magazine and Frama handsoap to bring the Copenhagen vibe in your home.