My New York office, September 2016.
If you have to leave your bed to run to the store of walk your dog, an oversized coat is all you need to cover your pyjama look. Trench inspiration from The Row Resort 2017 Look Book, image courtesy of The Row.

Stay in Bed

How about not leaving the house at all but staying in bed most of the day? That’s an option.

I do that every now and then. I take a shower in the morning, put on fresh PJ’s, make breakfast and crawl into bed with my computer or a book.

Anyone who travels for work, or works to get to travel, is familiar with the hotel room office established in bed. There may be remainings of coffee and snacks ordered from the room service a little bit at a time now floating all over the bedside tables that are almost always too small for this task.

If I happen to have a big nice room with a proper desk or dining table, I still find myself in bed with my laptop. French designer Philippe Starck, too, considers “bed his best office”.

Just like proper outerwear, bed adds an extra protective layer between us and the world.

When we feel sad or worried, it embraces us. We can lay all our weight and worries on it, and it holds us. Moments like this, relaxing on a delicate chair just does not do the trick. It is the bed where we gravitate towards.

If we feel vulnerable or discouraged, bed gives us a soothing boost of creativity. Get a few tasks done and you might notice the weather is not that bad after all, or that the world is not such a scary place after all.

Staying in bed also has something to do with letting go: letting go of trying so much. We all have so much more to give to this world if we give ourselves a break every once in awhile.

I notice I have only rule in terms of bed days. You have to get up for a moment in order to get a good night’s sleep.

As little as clearing up used dishes and opening the window for fresh air is a start. Getting up to make the bed and have dinner around the table is even better.

Returning to the refreshed bedroom is always such a pleasure. Total ease.