From Samuji Spring Summer 2011 Feeling Book photographed by Juliana Harkki. Image courtesy of Samuji.
The Sea, 2003, by Agnes Martin. Image of the painting found via Yunjing Zhu.
The Row Spring 2017 collection presentation in New York. Image courtesy of The Row.


Black is the densest color. Actually it is all colors totally absorbed and in its total absorption it reflects no wavelengths.

Black gives structure, it creates a frame and feels grounding.

As for clothes, I like tend to wear more black in August than in January or April. I find layers of black easily too heavy on me, while a totally black looks super elegant when there is a little bit of collarbone or bare ankles involved.

In winter though, for as long as I can remember, fitting black turtleneck sweaters in thin merino or cashmere have been one of the key pieces in my closet. Lately I have been wearing them mostly with white jeans or a pair wide-legged navy corduroy trousers by Acne Studios.

Black is essentially the absence of light, a total darkness. And along with daylight, we need a certain amount of dimness too, to think clearly and be fully ourselves.

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